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Smokey the Fire Truck Review-2011 Hot Christmas Toy

Mattel has been a leader in creating big toys for little kids with big imaginations and two such toys are Rocky the Robot Truck and Stinky the Garbage Truck. In addition to this growing family, Matchbox came out with Smokey the Fire Truck as their latest release for little boys looking to get a big truck that can transform into a canon-shooting machine.

Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck isn't your regular toy fire truck with limited features and movements. This fire truck can do a lot of things to entertain your child and in addition, it can also be assembled into a fire truck robot.

Matchbox Smokey the Fire Truck is the third member to join Rocky the Robot Truck and Stinky the Garbage Truck in Mattel's Big Rig Buddies toys. And just like its predecessors, it features a wide array of tricks that would surely entertain a child. Some of the features of Smokey the Fire Truck is that it has all the complete features a fire truck should have such as hoses, ladders, and even a canon that can be loaded up with balls.

One of the most surprising features of Smokey the Fire Truck is that it can actually talk. Don't be fooled by Smokey's strong exterior, which looks just like the exterior of a regular fire truck. Its windshield is actually its eyes, its front grill is its nose, and the bumper is its mouth, which moves and crinkles as it talks. In addition, it also has six big wheels and it can easily be transformed to stand on just four wheels instead to make it a full-fledged cannonball machine.

The real entertainment value of Smokey the Fire Truck lies in its ability to sing, talk, and even dance. Now that's a first for a fire truck. And the best part is its highly sensitive to the child's movements as well. If Smokey the Fire Truck is to be turned over by a child, it will automatically produce shout-out phrases and it will also move its two wheels, which act as its two arms.

Once Smokey the Fire Truck is standing on its four wheels only, it can then start singing and dancing as well. It has a selection of four different songs, which Smokey the Fire Truck sings and dances to in random while moving its two front wheels.

Smokey the Fire Truck does not produce real water, however, it can shoot out water cannons that can be loaded onto its built-in cannonball machine. Smokey will signal your child by saying he's thirsty-that's the cue to load the water cannonballs one at a time before he shoots it out.

Customer Reviews

Parents and children alike are very satisfied with Smokey's performance. One parent even commented that she actually found Smokey's jokes very funny as well and she was just as amazed as her child was with Smokey's features, mainly the fact that it can sing and dance and is equipped with sensors that respond to her child's movements.

- Smokey the Fire Truck is more than your average toy fire truck because it can produce lights and sounds.
- Smokey the Fire Truck is truly worth your money because of its high entertainment value-it can sing, dance, exercise, and talk.
- Its interactive features engage a child and help develop your child's speaking and motor skills as well.
- Smokey the Fire Truck can be transformed into a standing position by making it stand on its four wheels instead of the original six, with its other two wheels functioning as its arms.
- Smokey the Fire Truck has sensory features and automatically produces sounds and phrases based on what your child is doing with it such as movement sensors in its tires, which will come to life once it senses your child is near.
- Smokey the Fire Truck already comes with three cannonballs for your child to play with.
- Smokey the Fire Truck also has a sleep mode and it can also produce snoring sounds.
- All lights, movements, and sounds are produced by easy push and play buttons and levers.
- Smokey the Fire Truck can produce over 90 different phrases and sounds including funny and silly jokes to entertain you and your child

- Smokey the Fire Truck cannot produce real water.
- If you're looking for a remote-controlled fire truck, Smokey is not for you.
- Smokey the Fire Truck may be too big or heavy for little children

If you're looking for an interactive toy truck for your child then Smokey the Fire Truck is your best bet. You child will be entertained and might just learn a thing or two as well. Smokey the Fire Truck is your all in one toy fire truck and for under , it's the best Christmas gift to give to your child.

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